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"I participated in the
Balancing Act program.
The experience far
exceeded my expectations.
During the course of the
program I gained significant
clarity on what really
motivates me and how I
can best drive further
success in my career.
The learnings continue to
anchor me to what is most
important in my life."
Healthcare Professional

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For executives in transition – unchallenged, unfulfilled, or unemployed – Pat Fox Consulting offers coaching designed to meet specific goals. Develop coping skills. Find a passion. Jump start a career. Client and coach together work to develop a vision and the creative options for realizing that vision.

"It helps you know who you are and how to improve."
- Senior Technology Executive

Customized coaching, built on a foundation of proven methodologies in a mutually agreed-upon client-coach partnership, begins with an initial assessment. That gauges strengths and potential pitfalls that will inform a road map designed to lead to greater meaning in the participant’s work and personal life. Course materials and progress-tracking tools support the client’s work in maximizing future opportunities by participating in either:

One-to-one coaching  in 60- and 90-minute sessions is available by telephone or in person over a minimum three-month commitment. The material covered and pacing of the program is determined by the client’s particular personal or business goals.

A group option,  Executives in Transition or Executive Women in Transition is ideal for 10 to 15 participants in eight or 10 weekly sessions. Built around the well-known book, The Balancing Act: Mastering the Five Elements of Success, it is designed to address the specific concerns of senior executives.

Contact Pat Fox Consulting for coaching, and Accelerate Your Business Results.