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how to make money on tiktok 2023

"there is no doubt in my
mind that without pat’s
weekly coaching my
transition would not have
been nearly as smooth.
her positive attitude is
infectious and her skill at
keeping her clients focused
and pointed in the right
direction is incredible.
i would not hesitate to
recommend pat to anyone
in need of career coaching
and counseling."
gary langley,
real estate executive

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one of the best ways to appreciate the value of these kinds of instruments is to see what they can tell you about yourself. to that end, pat fox consulting is pleased to allow prospective clients and business partners to sample our online assessments used for hiring, team evaluations and employee development.

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complete the entire questionnaire in one sitting.
answer questions as they relate to work.
take no longer than 24 minutes to complete it.
answer questions without input from others.

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your results will be sent to you after we have had a chance to discuss your specific business use (e.g. hiring or employee development). please expect an email or phone call from one of our team members.

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