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"pat is a
trusted consultant
whose blend of senior
business leadership
and coaching expertise,
c-suite and advisory
perspective are a
winning formula for
the businesses
and individuals who
are serious about
change and want
measurable results."
patricia ippoliti, phd.

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pat fox consulting is a new kind of coaching consultancy. it is designed exclusively for individuals and organizations in transition.

with customized programs delivered by practitioners schooled in time-tested methodologies and laser-focused on measurable results, the firm specializes in executive coaching, team solutions, and leadership development.

as a business partner to hr and sales departments or a trusted coach to c-level executives as well as executives in transition, pat fox consulting provides road maps for organizational restructuring, increased sales, strategy design, and other workplace challenges.

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a select group of consultants use a suite of well-regarded tools and best practices to design client-specific programs. individual or group. fast track or extended. online or in person. all focused on discrete goals and objectives, with benchmarking to track results.

among the tools utilized are target teams, the balancing act, and a variety of customized solutions. they reflect our philosophy to approach each engagement with best-of-breed components and the creative thinking needed to ensure the desired results.

in fact, we’re so confident that our approach is the right approach for helping

individuals and organizations with transition that we don’t consider our work done until our client is satisfied with the results. we tie our strategy and outcomes to business goals and objectives to ensure a return on investment.

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